Sowdon - family particulars

Helen Ann Sowdon (Mother)

Born: 24 May 1937, Newmarket

Mum and younger sister Ginny

Married: 6 Nov 1957, Adrian James Marshall at St Andrews the Great, Cambridge

Died: 5 Sept 2011. Costa Del Sol, Marbella, Spain

Richard Sowdon (Grandfather)

Born: 20 Mar 1908, East Hendred, Berkshire

Richard and daughter Ginny

Married: 24 Apr 1936, New Zealand. Isabella Ruby McIvor (see McIvor page)

Died: Nov 1985.

Harry Wilson Sowdon (Great Grandfather)

 Harry Wilson Sowdon his eldest son Thomas and daughter Louisa. HWS on his best horse

Born: 27 Aug 1861, St Heliers, Jersey.

Married: 1899, Winifred Anne Follett

Children: Louisa Catherine; Thomas Robert; Harry (Ted) Wilson; Richard

Died: 13 Sep 1917

William Henry Sowdon (2nd Great Grandfather)

William Henry Sowdon and his lurcher Marchioness.

Born: 22 July 1837, Swiss Cottage, Kings Road, Reading, Berks.

Married: 1860, St Saviours, Jersey. Matilda Louisa Hutton

Children: Harry Wilson; Eleanor Matilda; Louisa Catherine

Divorced: 19 February 1867. Remarried Annie Wright 22 April 1867, Southampton.

Died: 17 November 1869, Winchester of Diphtheria and Paralysis.

Harry Sowdon (3rd Great Grandfather)

Born: 04 Jan 1799, Reading.

Married: 07 Mar 1833, Louisa Lomer (See Wilson Lomer).

Children: Catherine, William Henry, Anna Louisa

Died: 03 Aug 1862, Reading.

Thomas Sowdon (4th Great Grandfather)

Born: 06 May 1759, Reading.

Married: Eleanor Smith

Children: Thomas Frederick, Harry, Charlotte, Richard, Louisa, Eleanor, Maria, Eliza, Mary Ann, Alfred

Died: 23 Nov 1829, Reading.

Thomas Sowdon (5th Great Grandfather)

Born: abt 1718.

Married: 24 Feb 1753, Sarah Knight, St George's Chapel, Hyde Park Corner, Mayfair, London

Died: 13 Apr 1791, Reading.

John Sowdon (6th Great Grandfather)



Died: Jul 1747, Parish of St George the Martyr, Surrey.

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